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Rendering of Voyager k-8 school in sunbridge

Coming Soon: A New Era of Environmental Education in Sunbridge

Sunbridge is on the cusp of an exciting new chapter with the upcoming opening of Voyager K-8, a school set to revolutionize public education in Osceola County with its innovative approach and environmental focus. Set to open its doors in August for the 2024-2025 school year, Voyager K-8 is poised to become a hub of learning, leadership and environmental stewardship in our community.

Sunbridge sat down with incoming principal Dustin Sassic to learn more about this promising new addition to Sunbridge.

How did you come to your new role at Voyager K-8?

Principal Sassic: I have been in Osceola County for 19 years, in both a traditional elementary and middle school. When I found out about this school opening 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to lead this school and community as it is the community I love and live in. After researching more about the Sunbridge Community and its initiatives, I knew it would be a great fit.

How will Voyager K-8 align with the Sunbridge community’s focus on harmony with the environment?

Mr. Sassic: Our school mission is to foster a curiosity for lifelong learning while developing an appreciation for the environment and humanity through community collaboration. This will be the foundation of every policy and program that we put in place.

Tell me about the environmental STEM program that’s being planned for the school.

Mr. Sassic: Our school is in the process of developing Environmental Storylines for K-8. Every grade level will have an overarching goal and theme that they will learn about and engage in project-based learning. 

For example, in first grade, the Storyline is ‘How does our food get from the Farm to our Table?’ Students will learn about plants, seasons, nutrition, etc. As students move to each grade level, they will be immersed in that Storyline. 

When they reach middle school, the Storylines become more practical and field-based, allowing students to go into the community and explore the different careers that revolve around E-STEM [Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math].

What sets Voyager K-8 apart from other public or private schools in the area?

Mr. Sassic: We will be a VPK-8th grade school that teaches and promotes leadership in the community. By collaborating with the community around us, our students will be directly involved with Sunbridge’s environmental initiatives and impacting what is happening. 

Being a VPK-8th grade school will also provide in-house opportunities for students to lead each other. We will have Service Learning and Engaged Leadership as middle school electives, allowing students to be directly involved in supporting lower grade levels, engage in student government, and make decisions that impact their school.

What challenges do you anticipate as principal of Voyager K-8?

Mr. Sassic: Building the culture of Voyager will be extremely important in the first year. For example, I ensuring that the logistical aspects of arrival/dismissal, traffic patterns, and other procedures are communicated clearly to the community. It is an exciting time!

Is there anything else you want Sunbridge residents to know about the new school?

Mr. Sassic: Our goal is to embrace the community around us and use all the resources available within it to ensure our students are provided the best experience possible. Voyager K-8 Wolves represent loyalty, friendship, teamwork, protection, instincts, endurance, curiosity, and playfulness. We are excited to bring the Wolf Pack together!

For updates and more information about what’s new with Voyager K-8, be sure to follow their Facebook page. Voyager K-8 is not just a school; it’s a place committed to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for the environment. We can’t wait to see the beautiful impact they’ll make as part of the wider Sunbridge family!

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