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Illustration of a Crane wearing a red hat and squirrel next to a tree Illustration of a crane with a red hat next to a camping tent and bush

nature embracing

boy walking through fish camp, field of wildflowers with magnifying glass boy walking through fish camp, field of wildflowers with magnifying glass

We humans are rediscovering the simple fact that we thrive in nature. And Sunbridge is a place where nature — honest-to-goodness, awe-inspiring, health-giving Florida nature — is woven right into the community and therefore right into your everyday. It’s nature in the neighborhood. Or as we like to say, naturehood.

For decades, this land was part of the Deseret Ranch. And under the superb management of the ranch, the land flourished. In Tavistock, the owners of Deseret Ranch recognized a kindred spirit: an organization with a near-obsessive approach to planning and a deep sense of responsibility for Central Florida.

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our promise to the land

As stewards of this land, we see Sunbridge as an opportunity to pioneer new kinds of best practices, to allow community and nature to coexist and thrive together, and to do more for our wildlife, water and climate. It’s a big promise.

Which is why we’re working in partnership with the Sustainable Floridians Benchmarking and Monitoring Program at the University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Life Soils, The Nature Conservancy, Toho Water Authority, Cherrylake and the OUTSIDE Sustainable Landscapes Collaborative in five key areas:

Wetlands and a pond in Sunbridge community, St. Cloud, Florida in Metro Orlando

Water quality preservation

To protect our chain of lakes and the whole watershed, we’ve instituted a program of continual monitoring of our water resources and implemented management and landscape practices, as well as other solutions, that support the unique ecosystem of Sunbridge.
Image of tall grass blowing in the wind.

Water resource conservation

With a list of strategies, from maintaining natural water systems to landscaping with native species, we plan to reduce our average per-person water consumption well below that of the typical community.
Image of a row of solar panels in Sunbridge community, St. Cloud, Florida in Metro Orlando

Renewable energy & efficiency

The homes and buildings of Sunbridge are being held to a high standard of energy efficiency. And we’re investigating how we might produce renewable energy at scale to further offset consumption. It just makes sense.
A bee gathering pollen from a purple flower in Sunbridge community, St. Cloud, Florida in Metro Orlando.

Ecological preservation

Healthy ecosystems are diverse ecosystems. In Sunbridge, we’re creating and protecting habitats that encourage biodiversity. Which will also enhance the beauty of the whole community.
A woman looking through binoculars in Sunbridge community, St. Cloud, Florida in Metro Orlando

Community engagement

Acting as true stewards of the land is a job as big as the land itself. So we’re engaging residents and other partners with educational programs, fun events and volunteer opportunities.
An image of a tree in Sunbridge community, St. Cloud, Florida in Metro Orlando.
Illustration of green and yellow blobs

digging for treasure

A huge oak tree is one of nature’s most valuable works of art. That’s why we’re in the course of preserving and relocating over 150 mature trees. The whole process, from selection to pruning to digging and relocating, can take well over a year. But it’s worth it.

man running through basecamp trails
Illustration of dark blue, green, and yellow blobs along with a while palm branch

byobb (bring your own boots & bikes)

We believe nature should be loved, cared for and explored. We’ve already created two miles of fun, windy trails in Basecamp. And this is just the beginning of what will grow into miles and miles of walkways, wide multi-use pathways and natural single-track trails that stretch throughout Sunbridge.

Illustrations of red, blue, and yellow blobs

have lakes, will paddle

It’s a funny thing. So much of the Central Florida landscape is actually water. And yet very few communities let you really experience it. Sunbridge will be different. With its chain of natural lakes, a canal network and planned access points, Sunbridge will offer up an invitation to do a little fishing, take an after-dinner canoe ride, or simply walk along a beautiful shoreline … any time you like.

every adventure has to start somewhere

And whether you’re craving a new home or a nice long hike, your adventure starts at Basecamp, our information center.