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Florida Headwaters Foundation Launches to Cultivate “Naturehood” in Sunbridge 

Realizing a Vision: Foundation Unveiling Marks Culmination of Sunbridge’s Eco-Vision 

The establishment of Florida Headwaters Foundation Inc. marks a significant step towards preserving the natural beauty and resources of Central Florida’s Sunbridge community. As the community’s 501(c)(4) not-for-profit cornerstone, the foundation is dedicated to establishing a culture of understanding and appreciation of the natural world within the Sunbridge community that can be passed on to future generations of Floridians. 

Operating independently yet aligned with the Sunbridge mission, the foundation embarks with a vision to ensure that sustainable living becomes a part of the community culture. Sunbridge is the region’s first ‘naturehood,’ integrating the community within the preserved natural landscapes and protected waterways connected to the bordering protected natural lands. 

Leading the foundation is Clint Beaty, senior vice president at Tavistock Development Company, who will serve as chairman, and Mike Dennis, a scientist with Breedlove, Dennis & Associates, whose experience and knowledge of the property dates back over 40 years, as vice chairman. Their combined decades of experience developing sustainable communities and environmental consulting will steer the foundation toward its mission of fostering an environmentally rich community. 

“Working in harmony with Sunbridge’s visionary approach to community development, we are dedicated to ensuring sustainable living becomes second nature,” said Clint Beaty, chairman of the Florida Headwaters Foundation. “Our educational programming and community engagement initiatives are designed to cultivate a culture of environmental stewardship that resonates with the community, starting from its early stages.” 

The creation of the foundation further realizes the Sunbridge Stewardship Plan, a detailed framework announced in 2022 designed to ensure the long-term protection and enhancement of the region’s natural resources. This plan outlines key strategies for water quality protection, resource conservation, the adoption of renewable energy sources and the promotion of community engagement in environmental initiatives. 

Central to fulfilling the foundation’s mission is the strategic hiring of a naturalist-educator, a key move designed to bridge the gap between community members and the environment. This role will spearhead the development and delivery of educational programs that emphasize the importance of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable living practices. 

As part of this programming, the naturalist-educator will work with the Osceola County School District to incorporate environmental stewardship and ecological research into the curriculum of Sunbridge’s new K-8 school scheduled to open Fall 2024. 

The Florida Headwaters Foundation is named in recognition of Sunbridge’s unique ecological position, abutting the over 10,000 protected acres to the south that contain Lake Conlin, providing headwaters to the Econlockhatchee River and the Everglades. These waters flow north through the Econlockhatchee swamp into the Econlockhatchee River onto the St. Johns River; and in a separate basin, its waters flow through the Sunbridge chain of lakes, Joel, Myrtle and Preston, then into the Upper Kissimmee system and on to the Everglades. These headwaters are pivotal in sustaining Florida’s ecological balance. By focusing on their preservation, the foundation aims to safeguard the state’s natural heritage, ensuring the health of its water systems and habitats for future generations.  

“With the launch of the Florida Headwaters Foundation, we’re recognizing the significance of these headwater systems of swamps and lakes,” says Mike Dennis, vice chairman of the Florida Headwaters Foundation. “The mission is about this recognition, but also creating a culture within the community of knowledge, appreciation and valuing this system and the natural world around us.” 
These initiatives are integral to Sunbridge’s philosophy, embodying the concept of ‘naturehood’ — a blend of Florida’s natural ecosystem and vibrant community life. This approach enriches residents’ quality of life and establishes a new standard for sustainable development. 

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About Florida Headwaters Foundation  

The Florida Headwaters Foundation, a pivotal 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization, champions sustainable living and environmental stewardship in Central Florida’s Sunbridge community. It is dedicated to educating and inspiring the next generation through initiatives that promote environmental stewardship, scientific research and biodiversity. Operating independently yet aligned with Sunbridge’s mission, the foundation is committed to integrating community engagement, educational programming, and sustainable practices. For more information, visit 

About Sunbridge 

Sunbridge is the latest community from the creators of Lake Nona, Tavistock Development Company. At the forefront of the region’s next wave of connective smart growth, the community encompasses more than 27,000 acres across both Orange and Osceola Counties in Central Florida between metro Orlando and the Space Coast. Built on the success of Lake Nona, Sunbridge carefully mixes residential, recreational, businesses and civic uses designed to create connections to nature. Sunbridge is preserving large stretches of Florida nature and giving people unprecedented access to oak forests, lakes, wetlands, and waterways. The community opened in 2020. 

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