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Green Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

One great thing about Floridians: When it’s hot, we have lots of ways to stay cool.

In Sunbridge, we’re always looking for ways to help our residents enjoy the outdoors while lowering our footprint on the planet. After all, to be good stewards of our lands means to preserve their natural beauty as much as possible.

Here are some tips on how to stay cool in our summer heat while being mindful of our planet at the same time.

🏡 Go au naturel with your ventilation: Harness nature’s breezes by opening windows and using fans strategically. Cross-ventilation naturally cools your space without energy-intensive cooling systems.

🔄 Check your ceiling fans’ direction: Ensure your ceiling fans are rotating counterclockwise, which pushes cool air down. Remember to turn fans off when you leave a room to save energy.

🛀 Take refreshing cool baths and showers: Opt for a cool shower instead of a hot one, which both lowers your body temperature and saves energy.

💦 Choose eco-friendly water play: Consider sprinklers with adjustable flow settings or sprinklers where the water recirculates during use.

🌦️ Reconsider your watering schedule: With our consistent afternoon Florida rains, consider adjusting your lawn irrigation schedule to conserve water.

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