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Preserving Local Ecosystems: The Role of Native Landscaping in Sunbridge

Native landscaping is a growing trend in the world of housing development and homeownership, and for good reason. With a focus on using locally sourced and indigenous plants, this approach offers numerous benefits to both the environment and the community. From its inception, Sunbridge was an early adopter and thought-leader of this philosophy, dedicating its public spaces to utilizing native plants and trees as often as possible and setting the standard for homeowners to do the same through education and modeling. 

As stewards of Florida’s natural lands, Sunbridge is committed to benefitting our community and our planet through sustainable and environmentally conscious landscaping. The use of predominantly native plants preserves the beauty of biodiversity, is low-maintenance, yields high-impact results, and enhances our sense of place within Florida’s larger ecosystem.

Native Landscaping: Good for the Birds, the Bees and Everyone In Between

Because native plants and trees are indigenous to the area where they’re planted, they’ve evolved and adapted to the local climate and growing conditions. Here in Florida, that means hot, humid summers and temperate, dry winters. The benefits of using these plants extend widely, as they are already an integral part of the local ecosystem.

Sunbridge Residents See First-Hand Benefits of Native Landscaping

Sunbridge’s guiding priority is simple: to honor our land’s heritage and preserve it as a refuge for fauna, flora, and all those who feel as passionate about it as we do. For this reason, we take that responsibility seriously in building a sustainable and ecologically conscious community. Native landscaping is one way we keep our promise to the land. We are also firm believers in the tangible benefits this commitment yields.

Water management is one major challenge for developers, which requires thoughtful solutions that preserve the precious resource. Native plants do just that, requiring less water to thrive in their locations, and adaptation to our sandy soil conditions. In this way, Sunbridge is able to enrich the ecosystem, without drawing additional water resources to support it: a win-win. 

Using local plants also grants an area a sense of place, meaning that the plants and trees used to landscape an area can make the area feel more authentic and connected to its environment. In Sunbridge, that’s one of the major reasons we choose to use native plants wherever possible — we want our residents to feel at home, and that home is Central Florida. There’s nowhere like Sunbridge, and there’s no place like Central Florida. 

On top of these benefits, as the housing market turns to more sustainable living options and enhancements, home owners will see added value to their property thanks to Sunbridge’s dedication to using predominantly native plants and trees.

In Sunbridge, Native Landscaping Is the Standard

Beyond all the benefits, Sunbridge is committed to being a good steward of our land and highlighting the beauty of Central Florida’s natural landscape. We’ve developed resources for residents and community members to carry out these standards and improve their properties through their use. 

While the trend grows in development projects, Sunbridge is proud to be a leader in these efforts to make our community both more sustainable and more beautiful.

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