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Putting Down Roots: Protecting and Relocating Trees in Sunbridge

In Sunbridge, we cherish the feeling of relaxing in the shade of a mighty canopy. We love our trees and we’ll do just about anything to make sure they’re protected, while still making room for a community that promotes sustainable living in the beauty of nature. 

That’s why Tavistock Development Company, the developer behind Sunbridge, has been quietly relocating hundreds of trees through their tree relocation program. 

Sunbridge is located in an area of Central Florida which is also home to a significant population of Live Oaks, Red Maples, Sabal Palms and Slash Pines. In the community’s development process, the horticulture team saw an opportunity to extend the life of these precious trees by relocating them instead of recycling them. 

It’s not quick work, though it is well worth the effort. In fact, the average tree transfer takes about four months and involves a team of ten people to complete. 

The horticulture team partnered with certified arborists to create a plan for how to select, root prune, move and replant these trees. Sunbridge’s robust maintenance program, along with other important measures, ensures that these trees will thrive in their new placements. 

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This important environmental initiative preserves trees that are, on average, 60 to 70 years old, and home to a plethora of mammals, insects and other plant life that depend on them to grow the habitat around Sunbridge.

Around the community, you can see some of these relocated trees at Basecamp, Pioneer Park in Weslyn Park, and along Cyrils Drive. Many more are being integrated in plans throughout Sunbridge.

Before Sunbridge even broke ground, we made a commitment to be kind and responsible stewards of our land. Taking care of our trees by extending their lives and protecting the environmental functions they provide is just one way we fulfill that promise.

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