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Small Changes for A Big Impact

Content provided by Guided Solutions

By incorporating sustainable practices into our daily lives, we can make a huge impact. Here are ten examples of ways to be sustainable in everyday life:

  1. Reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights and appliances when not in use and keeping your home well-insulated.
  2. Reduce your water consumption by taking shorter showers, fixing leaks, harvesting rainwater, and using water-efficient appliances.
  3. Recycle and compost to reduce waste and conserve resources.
  4. Use reusable bags, bottles, and containers to cut the need for single-use plastics.
  5. Switch to a plant-based diet, as meat and dairy production generates tons of greenhouse gases.
  6. Support sustainable businesses by purchasing products made from sustainable materials and produced by companies that prioritize sustainability.
  7. Use public transportation to reduce carbon emissions.
  8. Plant native trees and gardens and support reforestation projects to help reduce carbon emissions, increase biodiversity, and improve air quality.
  9. Support community-based efforts that promote sustainable living, such as community gardens and renewable energy projects.
  10. Encourage your friends and family to adopt sustainable practices in their own lives.

Finding A Sustainable Balance

We’re all about making good choices for both the environment and ourselves — like reducing our carbon footprint, cutting waste, supporting sustainable businesses, and being mindful of how our actions impact the planet.

When you’re ready for home insurance, let us know. By doing the comparison shopping for you, Guided Solutions is helping you reduce your carbon footprint, too!

Guided Solutions’ parent company, Baldwin Risk Partners, is a partner on this project by Tavistock Development Company.

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