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Strength in Numbers: Why Building Community Matters

Humans are social animals. We thrive on community and making connections with others in the places where we live, work and play. When our communities are healthy, we’re healthy too, both mentally and physically. As Plato said, “The part cannot be well unless the whole is well.” People thrive when surrounded by a welcoming and caring community – they want to be a part of something greater than themselves. In turn, communities often want to enjoy success as a whole, so they work together to achieve that success.

Healthy communities provide a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, and resilience when problems arise. What’s a healthy community? It’s a place where its people feel valued and trusted, and where they feel comfortable exchanging ideas and working together for the greater good. When a community is healthy, its people feel fulfilled, and their sense of overall satisfaction is increased.

There are plenty of studies that have confirmed the importance of living in a community where you feel connected to the people around you. When we feel connected, the strength of our bonds grow and we feel more confident in sharing our challenges and solving problems together. Trust is essential, too. When we feel trusted, we’re more likely to feel safe knowing others will have our backs. That’s the essence of being a good neighbor.

It’s important to us in Sunbridge that our community is healthy and supportive so our residents feel happy and valued. By providing opportunities for our residents to get to know each other through seasonal, weekly and monthly events like Yoga on the Green and Food Truck Fridays, as well as common spaces to gather like Basecamp and the Weslyn Park community pool, Sunbridge encourages residents to connect, share ideas and develop lasting relationships.

Our physical and mental health depends on the health of our communities. That’s why we’re making sure that Sunbridge isn’t just a place where you own a home, it’s a place where you make a life. 

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