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In the News: Sunbridge project shows importance of thinking solar

At the Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce, we’re focused on a cleaner tomorrow. Our membership includes several of Central Florida’s best-known companies focused on clean energy — Beep, Arcimoto and many more.

And now, Tavistock, whose long-term vision created Lake Nona, is leading the way once again.

It is our hope that our leaders in Tallahassee and Washington embrace this type of private development and find ways to encourage and promote the efforts of businesses that want to find new ways to be sustainable and resilient.

The new initiative is Sunbridge, a housing project underway in Osceola and Orange counties that exemplifies the ingenuity and innovation Tavistock is using to build more environmentally friendly and economically feasible communities for Floridians.

Once complete, the 27,000-acre development will feature 23,000 single-family homes and 13,000 multifamily residences, among other amenities.

What makes it truly unique is that every house built will incorporate solar energy. In addition, there are upgrades available that include backup batteries, EV chargers and even a new Tesla roof.

Read the original story at Orlando Sentinel.

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