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Why Is a Sustainable Lifestyle Important?

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Living sustainably is sometimes perceived as an alternative lifestyle, and in a way, it is. Over the last 200+ years, we’ve grown comfortable creating, consuming, and disposing of things at a remarkable rate. These choices have brought on many serious challenges, including climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the depletion of Earth’s natural resources. Living sustainably is about making conscious choices that collectively have a positive impact on everyone and everything.

Preserving the planet

The biggest motivation to live sustainably is, undoubtedly, life itself. As our population grows, the demand for fresh food, clean water, and reliable energy grows with it. If we exhaust these resources, we’ll end up irreversibly damaging the planet and all that live here.

Combatting climate change

Sustainable living also helps slow down the speed of climate change. All those greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are causing the Earth’s temperature to rise and introducing extreme weather events — like melting icecaps, droughts in the western US, floods and crop freezes down south, and extreme blizzards up north.

Social and economic well-being

Sustainability can also bring benefits such as job creation, innovation, and economic growth. For example, demanding renewable energy sources can help to create jobs in the clean energy sector and help to limit dependence on fossil fuels.

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